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Home Modification , Household Tasks

Our home modification and household tasks make your home safer, easier to move around in and suited to your current abilities  


Specialised Disability Accommodation, Group/Centre Activities

We extensively provide specialized disability accommodation, innovative community participation, and group/center activities  


Accommodation/Tenancy, Ex Phys Pers Training, Innov Community Participation

AHACC undertake activities to ensure you have the appropriate accommodation, Ex Phys Pers Training, and community participation  


Participate Community

We understand community participation improves your well being, lessen long term costs of care, create a better network  


Assistive Prod-Household Task

We ensure you to have the right assistive prod-household task and equipment which you are eligible for from NDIS funding  


Community Nursing Care

AHACC promotes excellence in community nursing care to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Australia  


Custom Prosthetics

We want to empower you to live an independent lifestyle with our custom prosthetics and limb loss solutions  



We offering assistance with travel or transport arrangements including taxis and support people access the community  


Assist Personal Activities

If you're looking for a comprehensive, cost-effective alternative to any type of personal activities, AHACC is the choice for you  


Development-Life Skills

Life skills include critical and creative thinking, decision-making, effective communication, and developing healthy relationships  


Assist Prod-Pres Care/Safety

Our assist prod-pers care-safety. support helps build your ability to act independently and empowering you to coordinate your supports  


Plan Management

We have industry experienced plan management team who will guide and help you how to best manage your funds  

Hobart Tasmania Services

Community Nusring Care

Community nursing care supports the health and well-being of individuals offer care to individuals, families, and groups, in a creative way

Home Modification

We've chosen the best devices for the home modification that make aging in your home easier and accommodate your needs as you they change

House hold Tasks

Even when both parents work, moms end up doing more of the household tasks. AHACC are here to make home life more equitable for you

Vision Equipment Assist- Travel / Transport

Assistance with travel and transport, to support people access the community, where they cannot do so through other means of transport

Vechicle Modifications

Vehicle modifications mean changes to a vehicle, or the installation of equipment in it, to enable a participant to access and operate it

Custom Prosthetics

Custom Prosthetics has a full-time AOPA registered prosthetist experienced in all aspects of lower and upper limb prosthetic treatment care

Innovative Community Participation

We offer innovative community participation programs to our participants, where you will be able to improve, expand and learn new skills

Assistive Prod-Household Task

Assistive prod - household tasks can be made easier with specialized aids and equipment for cooking, cleaning, washing, and home maintenance

Specialised Disability Accomodation

Our Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) services are NDIS support for people with a disability who have very high needs and need specialist

Accommodation / Tenancy

Assess every participant and assisting in the planning and maintenance of tenancy obligations, decision makings,and grants available

Comms & Info Equipment

We provide communications & information equipment to aid our clients in communicating effectively with their families, carers, and others

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